Zdeněk Rytíř’s recording studio in Řevnice was one of the first independent audio studios in the Czech Republic. Music, post-production and mastering studio Chevaliere has been in bussines since the early 1990’s and therefore offers years of experience in the music and narration recording field.
Zdeněk Rytíř
The studio’s production includes music recordings, MIDI sequencing, dubbing, commentaries and film music, production of radio and TV commercials, recording of commentaries for presentations, audio tracks of educational films and multimedia presentations, computer games, recording of telephone automated attendant messages etc. In addition to that the studio produces jingles and signature tunes and realizes complete technical solutions of audiovisual multimedia presentations, CD mastering and DVD authoring.
The studio is therefore multi-genre oriented and recordings varying from Pop to Country and Folk or Rock to Heavy Metal can be produced here. The references and albums produced here and released by labels such as Sony Music, Supraphon, Bonton and so on show this variety. The perfect quality of recordings, highly professional approach and last but not least, pleasant work atmosphere during the actual recording can be attested by a large number of our happy clients.
We would quite immodestly like to add that if you are looking for the right recording studio for production of your original music, we are convinced that we can provide you with highly suitable environment and working conditions. The studio is located in the quiet and inspirational
village of Řevnice by Prague.
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